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"And I saw a great multitude (beyond) number of all nations, tribes, peoples and languages...", Revelation 7:9


Your Opportunity

to extend the influence of

Jesus’ Prayer From A to Z

If you believe Jesus’ prayer for unity should be
part of the prayer focus of every believer -

If this devotional book has tuned your heart
to the heartcry of our Savior -

If you believe there is a connection between
Jesus’ prayer and the completion
of the Great Commission -

Prayerfully consider the following ways
you can help call the Body of Christ
to make Jesus’ prayer their own:

* Order sufficient books for all of your congregation’s
staff, elders, deacons and Sunday School teachers.

* Order sufficient books for all the ministers in your
area ministers fellowship (
let us know who!)
and see that they all receive a copy.

* Send a contribution for the Fellowship of John 17:21
to Direct-mail this book to churches.

(It is our goal to “Share the Prayer” beginning with all of the 5500
churches in the Directory of the Ministry, then proceed to all of
the churches in Where the Saints Meet; then on to those in the
Yearbook of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); if
sufficient funds come in to continue, the circle could
then be expanded to the churches within the
National Association of Evangelicals, etc.)

How big is your vision?

$17.21 will reach 4; $172.10 will reach 40; $1721.00 will reach 400!
Send your contribution to:
“Share the Prayer”
 Fellowship of John 17:21
P.O. Box 353 + Granville, OH 43023

How To Order Jesus’ Prayer From A to Z

INDIVIDUAL - (retail purchase for personal use) - Contact your

local Christian bookstore and
ask them to order it in for you.
Release date - September 1, 2007

MINISTRY GROUP (contribution) $17.21 gift - 2 complimentary copies $17.21 (x2)- 5 complimentary copies $17.21 (x3)- 8 complimentary copies $17.21 (x4)-12 complimentary copies $17.21 (x5)-16 complimentary copies $17.21 (x6)-20 complimentary copies

CHURCHES (w/tax-free I.D. #)
20 - 49 copies - $5.00 each

50 - 99 copies - 4.50 each 100 - 199 copies - 4.25 each 200 - 499 copies - 4.00 each 500 - 999 copies - 3.75 each 1000 & up copies - 3.50 each (prices include library rate mail)

You can assist The Fellowship of John 17:21
direct-mail a copy
to every church in the directory -
to every Christian college - faculty/student body.
Would you like to help?
Donate to “Share the Prayer
*Personal $ 17.21 (reaches 4)
Prayergroup 172.10 (reaches 40)
Church 1721.00 (reaches 400)

The Fellowship of John 17:21
P.O. Box 353
Granville, OH 43023
(740) 323-2187

  The Fellowship of John 17:21, 953 Professional Pkwy, Heath, OH 43056-1620  |   Phone:(740) 323-2187